K-LASER Social Media Videos



K-LASER has always provided practices with an exciting modality that encourages new and existing clients into practice to experience the proven clinical success of K-LASER Therapy.

Social Media is simply the best and most economic way your vet practice can advertise its K-LASER service to new and existing clients. To help practices get off to a flying start VBS has produced a series of six short videos that can be posted onto Facebook and other social media platforms allowing you to start engaging with clients.


For more information click here to download information sheet. Or alternatively contact the head office for more information.

Video 1: Announcement of new K-LASER service available in practice

Video 2: Mobility and Pain Management

Video 3: Wounds and Dermatological conditions

Video 4: Joints and Mobility

Video 5: Painful Smelly Ears

Video 6: Post-operative healing