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Here are some comments from KLaser clients in the UK.

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VMX 2024 Testimonial >>>

Veterinarian Testimonial from VMX 2024 Orlando held January 13-17 2024.

Rock View Vets

"We have had a K-Laser from VBS since 2016. To be honest - I wonder how we managed without it before! We use it multiple times through the day - post op- spays and castrates, stitch ups and dentals. My nurses use it for K-Laser clinics - skin issues, OA, elbow dysplasia and lick granulomas. We get referrals post orthopaedic surgery from the Corporates (we are independent).

I was concerned when it was due a service as we can’t manage without it! I need not have worried - the loan laser came in a padded box with clear instructions. Take the loan unit out, put yours in, seal it up and stick the ready to use labels on the box. Called the phone number given in the instructions and the courier arrived within 2 days and collected it! Our own K-Laser came back after 2-3 days and we sent the loan unit back. It could not have been easier!

There are other lasers on the market but I got K laser because there are actual proper studies done that show it does work. We have amazing results with it. We are not in a wealthy area, and I am a single vet practice. The beauty of klaser is the staff love getting involved with it. It frees me up to do other stuff and clients love it as it is not a drug.

Fiona (Feb 2024) 
Rock View Vets

Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic Veterinary Surgeons

"The K-laser has been an excellent addition to the services we are able to offer as a practice. It has not only lead to better clinical outcomes in many cases but has provided a completely new revenue stream for the practice. The indications for its use are so varied and it is unusual for the laser not to be in use every day. We recently purchased the surgical head for our K-laser unit to replace our existing surgical laser at a fraction of the cost. I can honestly say I can see no disadvantage over our existing system, apart from it can’t be in 2 places at once! The aftersales/support provided by the team is also fantastic." Richard Meers, Clinical Director 
Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic Ltd

Newmarket Equine Physiotherapy

"In order to update my therapy machines, I looked at investing in a Class IV Laser system. After trialing a few products it was an easy decision to go with the KLASER - it has scientifically proven built in protocols which are also adjustable as well. The whole process of trialing and purchasing the KLASER was made easy with a workable payment plan that was styled to my business and the training was exceptional. I cant imagine my business without it now. I have paid off 2/3 of the machine within a year due to the increase in clientele because of the KLASER. The results are fantastic, its easy to use and the help and back up from the KLASER team is second to none." Grainne Ni Chaba-Byrne  Newmarket Equine Physiotherapy - February 2023

All Creatures Vet Centre

"The K-Laser has been a great asset to treating animals at our practice. It gives slow healing wounds a great kick start and has helped several dogs with musculoskeletal injuries avoid referral and surgery." Dr Erica Coleman-Field, BVM&S, MRCVS  All Creatures Vet Centre

Vets4Pets Milton Keynes

"We have had the K-laser class 4 since June 2019 and we love it as much as our clients!

We do a lot of orthopaedics and have found that 2 weekly lasers for 3 weeks have massively improved our patient’s recoveries. We mostly use our laser for Arthritic cases and 97% of clients we see for this have said they have noticed a huge improvement to their animal’s mobility as well as quality of life. most of our clients come for the 6-10 treatments but we do have a large amount of bonded clients that still come back to see us every 2-3 weeks from starting the initial treatment back in June last year!

We have all of our nursing team trained to perform the treatments and find they love to be involved with our patients and clients. The patients love the warm soothing motion of the laser being performed and more often than not the nurses find it very relaxing to perform.

From the cases we have had in our practice I can say id strongly recommend the k-laser. Its lovely for us to see the improvements with our patients each time they come back."
A S Cannon RVN, Head Nurse, Vets4Pets Milton Keynes

Village Vets, North Wales

 “Great results, love the machine and working with clients. Well over 50+ individual cases treated in 3 months, delivered 335 sessions so far, all cases had a good response, some more than others, overall 95% of cases had a significant improvement. It is used on a daily basis, some days up to 12 sessions, other days 2 or 3. We charge £29.00 per sessions. Client compliance is fantastic, also got new clients. We are doing a clinical study on wounds, with phenomenal results: one dog had his paw sliced over a piece of glass, wound 4-5cm long, 1.5cm wide, 1 cm deep, stitched twice, it wasn't healing: after 5 applications the wound was completely gone! We use it mostly on osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal injuries, cruciate operations, hip dysplasia. Most of cases can reduce medications and even come off completely.”
Mr. James Bigglestone MRCVS and Miss Jo Williams RVN, Village Vets, North Wales.

Summerhill Equine Veterinary Partnership LLP

“...we need two machines to do the work the lasers have generated in our 4-vet ambulatory equine practice. The K-Lasers have been mostly used for wounds especially where underlying tendons and ligaments are also injured, splints, and back pain that has not responded to routine treatments. Where there is a need for speed and quality of healing the clients are happy to pay for the extra help given by the K-Laser and where other modalities have failed at times the K-Laser has been a great help. The machine is portable, easy and quick to use and seems to penetrate tissue well. I wouldn’t want to be without one in my car” - June 2018
Buffy Shirley- Beavan MRCVS, Summerhill Equine Veterinary Partnership LLP

Luton Vets4Pets

“The introduction into the practice has been an easy and straight forward transition and clients have seen and are grateful of the positive results. The team has been amazed by the effects of the K-Laser on wound healing, leading us to change our consent forms to an opt out option rather than an opt in to reflect this. Nurses were able to see obvious differences in those that had received K-Laser treatment in comparison to those who had not. All equipment received from the start was appropriate, although we quickly required a K-Laser stand to keep everything together and safe from damage. The K-Laser is permanently out on the side in the preparation area due to its continuous use by all team members.

The K-Laser is very straight forward to use with the multitude of programmed settings suitable for varying sizes, species, areas and conditions for treatment. As we continue using the K-Laser I can see that there may be a requirement for staff to learn more about it, but I have seen that there is a course available by an external provider in collaboration with VBS that may be appropriate.

Training at instalment was excellent for all with regards to the various uses and science behind the K-Laser. On-line modular training allowed all users of the K-Laser to ensure that they were aware of health and safety implications. Practical elements of training have been provided when Stephen has been in the practice. Local laser safety rules were provided as a template to ensure health and safety protocols were followed so that all that was required by the practice was the completion of a risk assessment.

I have worked alongside Stephen for a number of years and his compassion for alternative treatment options and his expansive knowledge of the science behind his reasoning shines through in his treatment of all of his patients. VBS Direct provides an excellent level of service and outstanding understanding of the K-Laser and the practical implications for its use. K-Laser has become a major part of the vet and nurse clinics.”
Vicki Gates, Head Veterinary Nurse, Luton Vets4Pets

Cardiff Bay Vets4Pets

”We have been using the K-laser at our Vets4Pets branch in Cardiff Bay for several months and within a very short time were exceeding expectations both in terms of profit and efficacy of treatment outcomes. We had trialled a competitor laser which, admittedly, was lower in price to purchase, but the K-Laser soon proved its worth in its speed of treatments and clinical outcomes. Crucially, the K-Laser scientific papers and proof of dosage accuracy, coupled with the ongoing training and marketing support from VBS, has enabled us to become a competent, efficient laser therapy clinic earning healthy revenue as a K-Laser provider. We are delighted with the customer feedback and patient outcomes and continue to draw new customers from the surrounding area, as well as building on the relationship with our existing client base, through this therapy.”
Samantha Bird,  MRCVS JVP Cardiff Bay Vets4Pets

Clerkenwell Animal Hospital

“It wasn’t that I wasn’t expecting to see results, it was the fact that the results were happing more quickly than I expected…. We book them as 15 minute appoints…You really do build up a bond with owners because you’re spending that time with them…. You’ve got the opportunity to discuss other ways you can help them or ways in which they can benefit from any other services we offer….It’s got everyone working together.”
Debbie Cornish, Veterinary nurse, Clerkenwell Animal Hospital, London England

Bishop Stortford Hospital

“The K-laser unit is smaller so easier to move around. You can also completely mute it which is great for your noise phobic dogs. The K-Laser is fairly quick which if you do 1 or 2 joints isn’t so much of a deal breaker but we use it on cases where we are lasering multiple joints (hocks, metatarsals, stifles, hips, spine multiple locations, elbows and carpi) and if you think K-laser for a Labrador size dog takes 2.5 minutes per joint compared to the (don’t quote me on this as it’s been a while) 4 minutes of the companion animal for so many joints that makes at least 15 minutes difference... The laser is great for wound healing... [and]... post op cases which are too early for hydro. And our bread and butter OA. It’s a great pain reliever specially since people these days are a little more reluctant on giving long term meds...”
Carola - Veterinary nurse,  Bishop Stortford Hospital

Molesey Veterinary Centre

“What amazed me was the return on investment and goodwill from clients whose pets were undergoing laser therapy. Right from the beginning we were seeing on average 6 cases per day and turning over close to £1000 every week. This is new money coming into the practice and differentiates us from the surrounding veterinary practices.”

"Apart from the initial consultation and follow up assessment near the end, this is an entirely nurse lead team. My highly qualified nurses are able to spend time with each patient and see the improvements with the owners over the sessions, this has benefits for all aspects of the services we offer small animal clients."
Darren Partridge MRCVS, owner of Molesey Veterinary Centre

Macqueen Veterinary Centre

Susan Holt RVN from Macqueen Veterinary Centre discusses her experiences of using K-Laser.

Bishop Stortford Veterinary Hospital

Video Testimonial

Video testimonial from Zoe highlighting a number of cases the K-LASER has been used on and her overall impressions.

Bishop Stortford Veterinary Hospital

Best Friends Veterinary Surgery

Being new to laser treatment in veterinary practice we initially took the plunge and bought a twin frequency laser machine from a large veterinary equipment supplier. The benefits of laser therapy became rapidly apparent and soon we found ourselves using the machine for several hours a day each and every day on all manner of patients.

Unfortunately it also became clear that we had selected the wrong machine as it had to be returned to the manufacturer five times in four months with the final repair taking eight weeks. No sooner had we had it back when it went wrong again with the same firmware fault and we were offered a full refund.

Convinced of the benefit of laser therapy we decided to invest in the gold standard K-Laser system from VBS and haven’t looked back. The support from Natasha and Stephen has been exemplary and the machine has performed beyond all expectation.

Laser therapy is now embedded into almost every aspect of our veterinary practice and the not inconsiderable investment in the initial outlay has already paid for itself in less than fifteen months. My only regret - not listening to Stephen at the outset and wasting four months before buying the gold standard K-Laser system.
Jon Slattery BVSc CertSAM MRCVS Practice Principle, Best Friends Veterinary Surgery

Oundle Vets

Video Testimonial from Oundle Vets

Oundle Vets have been using a K-Series therapeutic laser since July 2012. This video gives a vet nurses perspective on using the K-series laser in practice. It highlights the benefits class 4 laser therapy brings to the pets, client relationships and practice as a whole.

For more information on Oundle Vets visit their website at:

Clerkenwell Animal Hospital

“We have had a number of successes that can only be put down to the influence of the K-laser. They include: a rapid resolution of a difficult infected, non-union plated forelimb fracture referred from another practice, improve recovery times after TPLO surgery, significant pain reduction and lameness in animals with elbow arthritis or degenerative joint disease where NSAIDS have ceased to be effective, and impression wound healing where significant skin loss occurred after a dog attack meant that a large area of secondary intention healing needed to take place.”
Mark Lindfield MRCVS, owner of Clerkenwell Animal Hospital, London, England

Northlands Vet Hospital

“When discussing laser therapy, the first thing that impressed me was the amount of enthusiasm the clients showed. All have been intrigued with this treatment modality. I was a little concerned initially about owner compliance, especially during the start of treatment, but all seemed more than willing to return for successive treatments. After each animal had the first few sessions, the results became apparent. They were good! Not only from a post-surgical pain/inflammation viewpoint, but also from animals which have been struggling with osteoarthritis for a long while. The most successful case so far is a 5 year old Lab which has been struggling with OA due to bilateral elbow dysplasia since only a few months old… it’s had every form of treatment to date, with only mildly satisfactory results. Since starting laser therapy, the dog is now able to get up without difficulty, exercise well, and bound around like its been wanting to do for years. My other main experience involves using laser therapy for delayed/non-union fractures. When these animals were diagnosed with delayed/non-unions, laser therapy was started, and 3-4 weeks further on, healing was evident in all but one case without further surgical intervention. I’m thrilled with the results this piece of technology has given us so far.”
Shaun Smith BVetMed, CertSAS, MRCVS, Northlands Vet Hospital

Lester Pet Care

“We use it at least 2 - 4 times per day: arthritis, back, hips, cruciate ligament in a dogs, musculo- skeletal injuries, pre/post orthopaedic cases, a cat with broken jaw that improved immediately after laser therapy, elderly dogs with osteoarthritis alongside with acupuncture (pet are more lively if they had laser + acupuncture, than acupuncture alone). Some reactions are instant: Hayley's dog stopped limping after the first application. Everybody notices improvements after the course of 6 apps. Client compliance is very good, we have new clients coming in by word of mouth having met patients we have treated.”
Lisbeth Lester MRCVS, Lester Pet Care, Wigan, Lancashire.

All Pets Vet Care, Milford Haven

AllPetsVetCare219x150.jpg“This absolutely amazing little machine (and it is indeed quite small) is delivering the most fantastic results in the treatment of loads of different conditions. We had arthritic dogs who could not move around pain free even on two different painkillers now being able to jump up again and cats finally being able to venture out into the garden again. It helps against skin infections, speeds up wound and fracture healing, can be used for cats with chronic gingivitis and a whole range of other problems!

The animals don't require sedation for it, all it involves is running the laser over the area for several minutes. For most conditions a series of between 4 and 6 treatments are advisable, in some chronic cases a regular "top-up" may be needed. We have lots of happy pets and happy owners - it's so nice to see those results!”
Billa Schleicher MRCVS, All Pets Vet Care, Milford Haven, Wales.

Abbeydale Vets

 “We have treated an enormous amount of patients with all the clients liking the laser technique and enjoying being part of the therapy process. I have seen numerous cases post surgically that are walking and exercising far quicker than I would have seen previously over the years – the joints appear less inflammed and painful after operations, and the animal’s demeanour improved. It combines well with the general physiotherapy that we can advise customers to do on their pets. We have also seen significant improvements in chronic moist eczemas, gingivitis and a whole range of other acute and chronic conditions. We are very happy with how well the machine has fitted into our practice, it is going extremely well.”
Martin Gabbutt MRCVS, Abbeydale Vets, Blackburn, Lancashire.

Oundle Vets

OundleVets125x199.jpg“We are really enjoying having the K-Laser in our hospital for wounds and post-surgical use. Over 2/3rds of our operations are having it as standard treatment, including all our neuters, as we offer it at a very competitive price. We, and the owners are seeing improvements across the board, and our owners are spreading the word about the laser and its effects, so recruiting new cases is easy. On chronic wounds and lick granulomas we have had great results and owners are so relieved to have a treatment option after years of struggling to cope. Also lacerations and nasty abscesses, and especially cut pads we have had fantastic results with complete healing in 2 ½ to 3 weeks instead of the usual 5-6 week period. This reduces a lot of stress for us and the owners.

OundleVets177x131.jpgOwner compliance is really good, we have a client whose dog falls asleep after 30 seconds of the laser, this gives us an opportunity to really talk to the owners about general pet health and build a good relationship. It is good as a nurse to have something that is quite tangible to work with that we can go back to the vets and report on the progress of cases, the vets are always really happy with how it is going”
Jennie Tansley RVN, Oundle Vets, Northamptonshire

Manor Farm Veterinary Surgery

"I have become increasingly interested and excited about the K laser. I believe it to be the treatment of the future and its many benefits are being discovered almost daily. Laser energy increases circulation, drawing blood & nutrients to the area, where the laser then stimulates the release of oxygen to the damaged tissues, creating an optimal healing environment. The laser also increases energy at the cellular level and reduces pain and inflammation by a direct effect on the nerves."

"We are proud to be one of the very few vets in the whole of the South West to offer this treatment and have made it surprisingly affordable. It is a huge success with our clients, especially for helping to treat arthritis and speeding up healing after surgery."

Margaret Collins MRCVS, Manor Farm Veterinary Surgery

Medivet Forest Lodge Veterinary Centre

ForestRow141x226.jpg "We did a young German shepherd with severe hip dysplasia. After 3 – 4 sessions we saw an amazing improvement, you honestly could not say he had hip dysplasia. This young dog had hip bone architecture changes that should have resulted in surgery. There was a bad dog bite case that we gave daily wound K-Laser sessions for five days, the wound healed very nicely without any signs of infection.”
Alex Selles Llorens MRCVS, 
Medivet Forest Lodge Veterinary Centre, Forest Row, East Sussex.

Queens Park Vets, West London

“We tried another less expensive Class 3b brand of laser therapy but found the results in cases of osteoarthritis were not nearly as impressive as those with the K - laser. We made the leap and brought the more expensive unit because we have confidence in the efficacy of the K laser, we have not looked back”
Stewart Halperin MRCVS, Owner of Queens Park Vets, West London

Chiswick Pet Care Clinic

“We trialled a class IIIB laser and were not convinced it was helping animals with DJD. The K-Laser is so user friendly that all the veterinary staff can administer doses and we have seen great results in NSAID dose reduction in our chronic DJD cases. The owners are really behind it. I really appreciate the impact it has in wound healing as well. A useful piece of kit for our clinic.”
James Bennett MRCVS, Head Vet at Chiswick Pet Care Clinic

Pet GP

I became interested in laser therapy to use alongside my acupuncture for sensitive dogs who didn’t tolerate the acupuncture needles being placed very well, my own dear wimpy lurcher being one of the worst. I originally had a 3b cold laser before upgrading to K-LASER and noticed improvement in proprioception in older and injured dogs and cats with hind leg weakness and incontinence.

I started treatment on my own lurcher and my husband always knew when he had had a treatment session without me telling him as he was so much more energetic and playful on his walks. The accidents in the house lessened as he seemed to be more aware when he needed to go out to the toilet.

I also had amazing success with a beautiful long haired cat who had had a bad lumbar disc injury a year before and could only move around the house pulling himself along by his front legs. At his routine vaccination, I suggested trying him with some laser therapy and after just 2 treatments he arrived at the surgery for his 3rd session and walked out of the basket on all four legs, albeit still wobbly. The owner and myself looked at each other in amazement and both said to each other together ‘did that really just happen’. He has gone on to be able to now get up on the sofa, loves being out in the garden and goes through the cat flap on his own. He has top up treatments every 6 weeks but the improvement has been mind blowing.

I switched to K laser after trialling it for a month on my own dog and the improvements in my dog and other patients were even more dramatic than with my old 3b laser with much shorter treatment times. The acupuncture point setting has been so useful, and have even had success with an asthmatic cat who didn’t tolerate steroids or an inhaler. The cough improved after every treatment without any medication and the cat loved having the treatment and purred constantly.

One of our receptionists wolfhound had a nasty lick granuloma on its tarsus that had been there for over a year. Again we were amazed at how quickly it resolved after a year of creams dressings and meds had been unsuccessful.

The lasers way of stimulating tissue to heal and regenerate is incredible and I watch with interest the progress human and animal with spinal injuries particuarly will make in the future with this therapy.

My malamute cross has just started having treatment for his arthritis and knuckling of his hind legs and I can already see a difference. I truly believe K laser gave our lurcher another 2 years of happy mobility and the K laser has helped myself and my family following our hip replacements and lower back issues, and a non healing diabetic ankle ulcer.

I find it hard to explain and convince clients how it works but I compare it with the suns effect on plants in photosynthesis and the light producing energy for growth and repair and when they see the effects on their animals they have been truly amazed as am I

PetGP, Aylesbury

Bev Irving - PetGP, Aylesbury

Hillview Canine Centre

I chose the K Laser as it was easy to use and I was impressed with the introduction to it. I was considering also the Companion Laser so I did see both of them and had a demonstration of both. The K laser is easy to use, light and so far has worked perfectly. I also like the fact that I could charge it and use it in owners homes if I needed to although that is not something I do regularly. I am not greatly techy and I was a bit nervous to use it at first but I soon got the hand of it and now don’t even think about it. It’s a really good piece of equipment and it does a brilliant job. You also get good back up from the support team

Lisa Jackson - Hillview Canine Centre

Glasgow University Physio Department

We have had the klaser for approx. 2 years at GUVS and we use it on every patient we see through the physiotherapy / hydrotherapy service as all patients present with some element of pain / inflammation. We have had very good results for tendon (luxating patella) and ligament injuries (partial CCL tears) which were managed conservatively and did not require surgery. Previously when the partial CCL patients were rested then exercise was reintroduced the partial tear almost always became a full tear. The Klaser reduces inflammation (effusion) associated with the ligament injury and reduces scar tissue and the ligament heals with good fibre alignment giving strength and flexibility so much less likely to re injure the ligament. I think for the tendonitis type problems (lux patella) the laser acts in a similar way to cortisone injections. Once the inflammation around the tendon is controlled with the laser the tendon tracking is improved and the patella is stabilised.

We also use the laser a lot for chronic condition such as Hip Dysplasia in my previous experience of these cases the HD would tend to remain the same and the progression of secondary arthritis was reduced with physio and hydro alone. Now I am finding with the addition of K-Laser therapy the patients are regaining almost 100% range of motion in the hip joint which was previously reduced to around 60% I also strongly recommend these patients also have a good joint supplement.

Post-surgery the K-Laser is very good at enhancing wound healing. Again, if scar tissue is a problem over a joint surgery the laser is very good at minimising this. The cost of the laser treatment is absorbed into the physio / hydro session. However sometimes we see patients who only receive K-Laser treatment at this is priced at £15. If you explain the benefits of the laser therapy to your clients I am sure they will accept it. If you are using it on all your post-surgical patients, you could just incorporate it into the surgery price.

Donna Carver, Chartered Physiotherapist - Glasgow University Physio Department