Vet Times: Laser Therapy for Wound Healing in Dogs



Follow the link below for an excellent article by Maria Suarez Redondo DVM, PhD, CVA, CVFT, CVTP on using laser therapy for wound healing in dogs.

Laser therapy (LT) acts when the photons of particular wavelengths interact with certain molecules or chromophores of the tissues. This process is called photobiomodulation and determines the clinical effects of LT, such as increased tissue healing, enhanced blood and oxygen supply to the area, analgesia and immune modulation. Wound healing with LT is faster, stronger and has less risk of complications. The treatment is also indicated for infected wounds and, together with the increased oxygenation, enhanced phagocytic activity and less inflammation of the area, there is a direct antimicrobial effect. This allows the veterinarian to decrease the use of antibiotics in practice and can represent a crucial resource to treat multiresistant infections. Because of the different and multiple parameters involved in each laser treatment, published studies can be difficult to compare, and although it is clear LT is effective on infected wounds, more research is needed to determine the best parameters for each microbial species and clinical situation.