About Us


Built upon a solid foundation of research and development, K-Laser has earned worldwide recognition for its therapy and treatment solutions. The K-Laser development team is dedicated to offering the most advanced technologies to our clients, with a never-ending dedication to innovation. The K-Laser Class IV Therapy Lasers, as they have evolved from the D-Series to the K-Series and now to the K-Cube Series (which launched in the summer of 2012), offer comprehensive solutions with flexible architecture to keep you prepared for the challenges of the future.

The K-Laser Story of Innovation reveals how K-Laser is setting the standard in class IV Laser therapy. In the 1990’s, Class IV laser therapy was established in Europe. Doctors and Clinicians utilizing laser therapy recognized the need for higher power giving higher dosages at treatment depths and shorter treatment times.

Early adopters were quick to realize the benefits of K-Laser treatments from both a clinical and financial standpoint.